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iPhone Cable to iPad

5.0/5 rating (2 votes)

. Support iPad1/iPad2/iPad3 Series
. Able to transfer files from iPhone to iPad

Full Description:

. Kabel iPhone to iPad dapat digunakan untuk mentransfer file gambar dari iPhone ke perangkat iPad dengan cepat dan mudah.
- iPhone Cable to iPad Support iPad1/iPad2/iPad3 Series

Highlights :

  • Transfer images directly from any iPhone to any iPad super quickly, so you can store all your best pics on your fave gadget and have them always at hand!
  • Change the way you shoot! Be able to quickly view your images on a larger screen to check their focus, composition and lighting
  • Also makes it easier to share images with your family and friends - transfer their iPhone pics to your iPad
  • As well, use the handy cable to surf the internet – via your phone – on your iPad, if it doesn’t have built-in 3G (great for Wi-Fi-only iPads)
  • iPhone tethering allows an iPhone to be used as a wireless modem to provide more secure Internet access to your iPad
  • Super portable too!