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2 in 1 Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)

. Socket Type: car charger with cable
. For SAMSUNG 7100/ 9500/ Note 3

Full Description:

Micro USB Car Adapter for Samsung 7100, 9500, Note 3:
. Quick charging technology allows you to use your Galaxy Note 3 while it is charging
. Charge your Galaxy Note 3 in the car
. Package Include: vehicle power adapter, detachable 3.0 Data micro USB Cable
. Compatible for For SAMSUNG 7100/ 9500/ Note 3


1.Do not charge non-USB charging products, otherwise easily lead to overheating or fire.

2.Do not plug with wet hands, so as not to cause an electric shock hazzard.

3.Do not let the charger water spraued or in wet environments.

4.Do not do any modification or demonlition.

5.Do not place below heavy objects, don't drop.

6.Do not place the charger near heat sources, avoid direct sunlight.

7.Do not place the charger in baby's reach in order to maintain security.