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PC Remote Controller

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. computer remote controller with strong function
. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows MCE and Windows Vista

Full Description:

PC Remote Controller is a computer remote controller with strong function with it, music watching movies. Browse the Web will become more convenience

Set Hot Key

A, B, C, D key: Set hotkey, Each key can open 3 procedures from the definition. For example: Select setting hotkey of music player, music player software/right key/attribute/short/shortcut/input A in the fast key column in changes into the Ctrl+Alt+A/enter

Num Lock Key

1. 4 functions shift: 1: Cusor/2: Letter/3: Capital letter/4: Type writing

2. Text input: Type writing is similar to mobile phone's

3. For example: Input "3G", first press key "numlock" shift to letter input, press key "3" 4 times continuously, then press key "4"

The Main Parameters:

  • Receive interface: USB interface
  • No need driver
  • Wireless mouse functions
  • Character and English letters input
  • Support software: WMP, RealPlayer, KMPlayer, TTPlayer, WinDVD, PowerDVD
  • The infrared ray control from a distance
  • Application: Windows 2000 and above system Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows MCE, Windows VISTA