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Laptop Adaptor 100 Watt AD/DC

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. Input 1 : DC 9-15V
. Input 2 : AC 110-240V
. Output : DC 12-24V DC 4A USB 5V

Full Description:

Laptop Adaptor AC/DC sangat bermanfaat bagi pengguna laptop dengan mobilitas tinggi, karena dengan laptop adaptor AD/DC anda bisa mengisi power laptop kapan saja baik di rumah, di kantor maupun di dalam mobil melalui colokan lighter.


- Input: Car battery DC 12V or AC 110-240V -  50/60Hz - 1.3A
- Output: DC 12V, 16V, 18V, 19V, 20V, 22V, 24V - Max. 5.5A
- USB port output: 5V - 1A
- Daya 100w

100W Universal laptop adaptor advantage:
universal Laptop adapters are ususlly cheaper than the original battery even a replacement battery.
This universal laptop AC adapter can fit most laptop models not only for yourself but also your family and friends.