To be the best leading electronic products in Indonesia which prioritizing inovation and quality to increase indonesian's lifestyle society.


To satisfy the customers by providing various products which are valuable and high quality.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. I'm new visitor to MediaTech. How do I start shopping?

If you haven't registered as a member, we suggest you to register in order to make your shopping experiences easier. Sign yourself and choose "Create new account". Input your email address and personal data requested on columns provided. Click "Create Account" after that please do email verification.

2. How do I review my purchase invoice?

If you have registered and had account in MediaTech, you could view your invoice at "Orders" menu. If you haven't registered yet, the invoice will be sent directly to your email after the payment.

3.How to do the payment in MediaTech? What are types of method can be used for making payment?

We are here to give any conveniences in our transactional process and provided various payment method that easy and practical, such as: Payment using Credit Card (embossed visa & mastercard) & Bank Transfer and QRIS (GOPAY, OVO, Shopeepay, DANA, etc.).

4.What are expeditions that I can used in MediaTech?

For now, we are only available on JNE & TIKI. Soon we will expand and add more only for you.

5.Why did I find any different total amount while I'm going to pay?

Perhaps it's because you chose "Expedition insurance" unexpectedly. You could unclick the insurance in the " Payment" details.

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Mediatech is technology related brand focus on serving customer needs using technology approach in Indonesia. Established since 1998, Mediatech keep innovate to fulfill the needs of our customers.